Child's Wool Comforter - Holy Lamb Organics

Child's Wool Comforter - Holy Lamb Organics

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Holy Lamb Organics signature comforter. A lush layer of Premium Eco-Wool™ hugged in a smooth organic cotton Sateen cover then, tufted with care.

- Premium Eco-Wool™ batting.
- Hand tied in a natural color organic cotton Sateen comforter.

Bumper pad not included.

Made in the USA.

Crib comforter measures 53" x 35" and weighs 0.9 lbs.

Care Instructions:

Before washing your item, please read the instructions entirely. While washing your wool bedding is possible, you must take great care by following these instructions or your bedding can be ruined or felted.

Most of Holy Lamb Organics wool bedding can be washed using their special washing instructions provided with your purchase.

FOR BEST RESULTS USE A TOP LOADER: Basic Principles: Use the soak and spin cycles only. NO agitation, NO machine drying. Manually set cycles to soak and to high-speed spin. DO NOT walk away while on the soak and rinse settings as they proceed right into agitation cycles.  SOAK- Fill machine with warm water. Add a small amount of biodegradable detergent or a wool wash. Place item in machine, gently push it down to absorb the water. Let it soak. SKIP ALL AGITATION CYCLES- Manually set it to high-speed spin, letting the centrifuge spin the water out.  SOAK & SPIN- Leave item in machine, fill it with warm water again. Then spin it out again. Repeat as needed.  DO NOT MACHINE DRY- Drape it in the sun or a warm place to dry.

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