Natural Home (Moboo) - Large Bowl Set Cherry

Natural Home (Moboo) - Large Bowl Set Cherry


The MOBOO® 3-Piece Bowl Set is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Great for food prep bowls for all your baking and cooking recipes! Prep, mix, and serve the Eco-Friendly way - made of only molded bamboo, you don't need to think twice about toxins. 

  • Set includes 3 Cherry Red Bowls
  • Largest bowl equipped with handle & spout for easy mixing & pouring
  • Bowls nest for easy storing
  • BPA Free - Great alternative to plastic bowls 

Moboo® products don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals found in PVC, polycarbonate and other plastics, yet they’re just as strong & versatile. Moboo® is always BPA free

Because our Moboo® products are made & produced with natural & sustainable fibers without plastic, slight discoloration may occur. While the items are top rack dishwater safe, hand washing is recommended due to the variance of temperature & washer settings.

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