Natural Home (Moboo & Stainless Steel) - Cheese Slicer

Natural Home (Moboo & Stainless Steel) - Cheese Slicer


Enjoy freshly sliced cheeses from Cheddar, to Gouda, with the use of this handy Natural Home Cheese Slicer.  It is designed with a rounded handle to help with ease and comfort while being equipped with a recycled steel blade that’s perfect for slicing semi hard, and hard cheeses.  Slice thin or thick for the most delicious addition to sandwiches, deli trays, and cheese platters! Made with renewable bamboo, this slicer is chemical free, providing you a safe alternative to plastic cheese slicers.

Item Details:

  • Made with 93% Recycled Stainless Steel & Molded Bamboo (Moboo®)
  • Produced with bamboo sawdust, rice starch and an all-natural, plant-based binder
  • Great Alternative to Plastics That Won't Leach Chemicals


Moboo® products don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals found in PVC, polycarbonate and other plastics, yet they’re just as strong & versatile. Moboo® is always BPA free

Because our Moboo® products are made & produced with natural & sustainable fibers without plastic, slight discoloration may occur. While the items are top rack dishwater safe, hand washing is recommended due to the variance of temperature & washer settings.

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