Natural Home (Bamboo & Stainless Steel) - Tongs

Natural Home (Bamboo & Stainless Steel) - Tongs


Natural Home’s 12” Bamboo & Stainless Steel Tongs are designed to be both functional, yet durable. Keep these tongs handy to serve and prepare food with ease and comfort. Constructed of 93% recycled stainless steel and smooth bamboo to provide you with a sleek and toxin free cooking experience.  Stylish design can accompany any kitchen or dinner table! These tongs are a great alternative to plastic and won’t leach chemicals into your home cooked foods.

Item Details:

  • 12-inch Tongs
  • Made from Stainless Steel with 100% Bamboo Handle
  • Stainless Steel used is 93 percent recycled
  • Hand Wash Only


Natural Home Bamboo products offer a lightweight, attractive alternative to hard wood, metal, and plastic utensils.  Unlike wood & plastic, bamboo will not scratch non-stick cookware.

Hand wash only

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