Natural Home (Bamboo & Stainless Steel) - 12" Whisk

Natural Home (Bamboo & Stainless Steel) - 12" Whisk


Our Natural Home® Balloon Whisk is made from 93% recycled stainless steel, and sustainable molded bamboo giving you a healthy alternative that won’t leach chemicals, unlike plastic utensils. The bamboo handle is naturally water resistant, and won’t crack, swell, or decay and is durable enough for long time use. Perfect for beating eggs for fluffy omelets, cake batter, whipping cream and stirring sauces. Use to save time when a recipe calls for dry ingredients-mix together to finely break up clumps.

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Natural Home Bamboo products offer a lightweight, attractive alternative to hard wood, metal, and plastic utensils.  Unlike wood & plastic, bamboo will not scratch non-stick cookware.

Hand wash only.

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