Green Glass Cleaner 2.0 (Crystal Clear) Full Circle

Green Glass Cleaner 2.0 (Crystal Clear) Full Circle


Full Circle really wanted to find a way to safely clean glasses when they designed the Crystal Clear. But they were even more determined to keep you safe - that's why you'll find a non-toxic coating on the bamboo handle, BPA-free plastic and absolutely no triclosan in the cellulose sponge.  Lipstick stains don't stand a chance with this beauty.  Give your glasses extra sparkle with a tool that delivers cleaning power without the weird, unnecessary hand yoga.

  • Designed to clean inside tall glasses
  • Layered cellulose sponge removes lipstick marks
  • Cleans wine glasses easily and safely 
  • Stands on end for quick drying 
  • Replaceable sponge head
  • Dishwasher safe (Top Rack Only)

Dampen sponge before use.  Press button to release replaceable sponge head. For Best Results: Wring out sponge after use.

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