Wool Bed Pillow- Holy Lamb Organics

Wool Bed Pillow- Holy Lamb Organics

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Holy Lamb Organics hand makes this wool pillow using their Premium Eco-Wool™ batting and cover it with a smooth organic cotton Sateen fabric.

Please know that your wool pillow will be very fluffy upon arrival, but will settle over time with the weight and heat of your head. This will not change the support and comfort this pillow provides.

It's important for proper neck support to choose the right pillow thickness.

How to Choose the Right Pillow...
Bed Pillow LIGHT: Recommended for people who sleep on their stomach.
Bed Pillow REGULAR: Recommended for people who sleep on their sides or back.
Bed Pillow EXTRA: Recommended for people who sleep on their sides or back.

You know yourself the best. If you are the kind of person who likes a thicker pillow try our EXTRA. Conversely, if you tend to favor a thinner pillow try our LIGHT. If neither the EXTRA or LIGHT pillows appeal to you, then you are better suited for our REGULAR. * Pillows may settle (up to 15%) until they conform to the weight of your head.

Each pillow is hand made in the USA exclusively by Holy Lamb Organics.

Dimensions & Wool Weights:
Regular pillow measures 20" x 25"

Light fill 25 oz. wool
Regular fill 29 oz. wool
Extra Thick fill 33 oz.

Queen pillow measures 20" x 30" with a regular fill 35 oz. wool.

King pillow measures 20" x 36" with a regular fill 38.5 oz. wool.

Care Instructions:

Before washing your item, please read the instructions entirely. While washing your wool bedding is possible, you must take great care by following these instructions or your bedding can be ruined or felted.

Pillows are machine washable and come with complete washing and drying instructions. Holy Lamb recommends a protective pillow cover so that you can limit the number of washings.

FOR BEST RESULTS USE A TOP LOADER: Basic Principles: Use the soak and spin cycles only. NO agitation, NO machine drying. Manually set cycles to soak and to high-speed spin. DO NOT walk away while on the soak and rinse settings as they proceed right into agitation cycles.  SOAK- Fill machine with warm water. Add a small amount of biodegradable detergent or a wool wash. Place item in machine, gently push it down to absorb the water. Let it soak. SKIP ALL AGITATION CYCLES- Manually set it to high-speed spin, letting the centrifuge spin the water out.  SOAK & SPIN- Leave item in machine, fill it with warm water again. Then spin it out again. Repeat as needed.  DO NOT MACHINE DRY- Drape it in the sun or a warm place to dry.

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