Maya Tumbler Glass - Set of 4 (Bambeco)

Maya Tumbler Glass - Set of 4 (Bambeco)


A modern, elegant addition to your table. The Marcel collection in Clear features pieces handmade by classically trained glass blowers and each is one of a kind, bearing the unique touch of the artisan’s hand.

Our talented artisans breathe life into discarded glass pieces, keeping tons of glass bottles out of landfills and reducing ozone-depleting methane emissions. The glass is broken, cleaned, melted down and reborn in a process that requires less energy and uses 50% less water than the production of non-recycled glass.

Due to the artisanal nature of production color variations are to be expected and add to the unique charm of each glass.

  • 4"Dia. x 3.75”H

  • Holds 10 oz.

  • Recycled Glass

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand Wash Recommended.

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