Young, broke, and living in an old place with a couple acres ...

I decided I could make our lives full and rich by going back to some old school basics (like growing my own food to save money), and using my modern savvy to make our lives healthy and happy (like using my own soaps and detergents to keep chemicals away from my baby daughter). So, I got to work! I created a garden space in our yard and planted food for my family. I found an old wringer washer in the basement,  got it working, and hung our clothes to dry outside on a line instead of spending money at the laundromat. There were grapes growing nearby, so I picked them and made jam...I even pruned them down and made wreathes out of the vines to decorate my home!

One day, when the garden was in full bloom, with my sweet baby lying on a blanket in the grass near me while I hung the laundry out, I began noticing how rich our lives had become.  My dried flowers and wreaths hung on my door, homemade yogurt was in the fridge and fresh chicken soup on the stove. Jars of pickled beets and cucumbers lined my windowsill like jewels.

We had an abundance all around us, and I felt the joy and peace that came from being in a lovely, healthy place.

Today, our fast paced lives are filled with so much busyness, we're used to grabbing what is convenient, but our need for convenience is costing all of us personal health and the health of our world. Not to mention those moments of peace and serenity. Everything comes in plastic or is made of plastic...we wash our clothes in chemicals to get the illusion of white and dry them with synthetic fragrances so we get that "clean" smell, not knowing that these products are full of endocrine disruptors and those scents don't really mean clean at all. 

Our philosophy of "modern" home-keeping is really taking the best of the past and combining it with the best today to give us healthy, non-toxic and sustainable convenience. I see a longing in our society to experience what was imprinted on me so long ago – fresh, clean, healthy abundance. I think that's why social media is full of "make-your-own" everything or organic this and that, but is there anywhere I can go to actually get everything I need for a healthy lifestyle in one place?  Well, yes! Now there is!



In 2016 we opened our flagship EcoMountain store in Denver's Sunnyside district at The Shops at Cobbler's Square.  And in 2018, opened a second location in South Denver at Park Meadows Mall.

We hope our stores will become your one-stop-shop for eco-friendly home needs. We've been researching, creating, sourcing for years to curate the best, healthy, innovative products and ideas. At EcoMountain, you can make-your-own non-toxic laundry detergent or all-purpose cleaner using our recipes. All the ingredients are at your fingertips and go home with you in a compostable bag or glass bottle instead of plastic. Or maybe you have your own recipes and would like to grab bulk, chemical-free ingredients from our store instead of having to source all those things online and wait for them to come in.

We carry heirloom seeds so your garden can have the real nutrition we were meant to get from our food. Even if you live in an apartment with nowhere to garden, don't worry - we've got you covered with ways you can grow veggies for your home, too. You can save money and energy by using all wool dryer balls instead of hanging your clothes outside. You can kill weeds AND clean your toilet with natural 30% vinegar. The list of our products and resources really goes on and on!

While you may not have time to pursue every project I worked on all those years ago, picking just one thing to start with can get you on the right path.  For instance, replacing your non-stick pans with pure ceramic ones will already remove some poisons from your life everyday!  And our in-store classes are a great way to discover ways you can add some modern home-keeping methods to your life. So, if you're in the Denver area, I hope you'll join us at one of our two store locations where you'll find an abundance of healthy, non-toxic, and sustainable conveniences for your home and family.


With good health and great joy,

Dee Larsen

EcoMountain Founder and CEO