Our Mission

EcoMountain is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible options for products we use in our everyday lives because we think life should be lived in a way that's gentle on our bodies and gentle on the Earth. We call this our Eco-Logic – the meaning behind our "from the Earth, for the Earth" philosophy.




We use things that aren't poisonous – so they're generally safe to eat or breathe, and don't harm people or the environment.



We believe in reprocessing items for other uses instead of just discarding, so we regularly recycle items to prevent waste and give new life.



Natural items with healthful benefits, that haven't been touched with pesticides or fertilizer are what we use at EcoMountain.



We like to use things that are going to last and not deplete resources that won't come back, so we like solar and wind power rather than fossil fuels that we'll use up one day.



It's important to us that we use items that have low long-term effects on the environment, so we don't deplete resources or add pollution to this beautiful planet of ours. 



Non-toxic things aren't poisonous, so they're generally safe to eat or breathe, and don't harm people or the environment.



Environmental Expertise

Qualities like fairness, diversity, respect for ideas and creativity, training, tools and empowerment really matter to us and we work hard to make sure this is part of our daily business practice. We differentiate ourselves in our training and empowering of employees by making a point of bringing in very high-quality educators and presenters to help employees’ business expertise grow.  While this is great for EcoMountain, it also enriches our employees personal lives with expertise in areas they are already passionate about. 



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