One Girl's Trash...

Welcome to the EcoMtn Blog! I'm Dee Larsen, owner and founder of EcoMtn Home Store here in Denver, CO and I'm so excited to welcome you to our Modern Home-Keeping Blog - a spot we hope you'll visit many times. Our team at EcoMtn is passionate about empowering people to lead healthy lifestyles. We curate new products and ideas and this blog is a great place to hear about some of our favorites!

One of the ideas that we're passionate about is that "all waste is not trash". We throw away millions of tons of biomass that could be building soil instead of landfills. A lot of what people consider 'trash' could be feeding backyard chickens, worm farms or compost piles and saving millions of tax dollars by not hauling it to the landfill.

If you ever want to see a miracle, take a pile of chicken manure, egg shells, straw, grass clippings, dried up old leaves, vegetable peels or a zillion other components and put it in a moist pile, turn it every so often, and you will be amazed to see how all these pieces and parts become one glorious, homogenous, life giving entity.  Composting is truly a thing of beauty!  And what you can do with the result is even more amazing...

Last fall, I watched my neighbors loading up bag after bag of fallen leaves and stacking them up for the garbage truck.  We asked if we could have them instead.  My family and I piled the leaves up behind our chicken coop (and just so you know, we live in an upscale suburb of Denver, CO... but more about our urban chicks another time).  Then we let the chickens peck and scratch and poo on them, while every so often adding some kitchen scraps and a little water. 

This Spring, we harvested the most wonderful black gold - beautiful, nutrient-filled dirt that came from our leaf/chicken poo/scrap pile - and built six new raised garden beds out of it. We have some amazing gardens that are growing heirloom tomatoes, yellow squash and zucchini, purple & yellow beans, beets, spaghetti squash, onions and peppers - all from 12 bags of TRASH that would have done no good filling up another landfill. To this girl, it's all TREASURE!

We love the feeling of doing things in our home and lives that transform us from 'consumers who waste' into 'producers who create'.  And that's something we'll continue to explore here on the Modern Home-Keeping Blog.  Together we'll learn how to create healthy bodies, homes and yards which is just a really good thing. All waste is NOT trash... so, I hope you'll join me on a journey of turning our TRASH into TREASURE through our classes, awesome products, and ideas here on the blog!